A Meazy – Meazy Shuttlesworth pt. 2 [56 bars] (Official Music Video) Review


  (Official Music Video) Review…

Ameazy Denver Hip-hop Artist 

The sick lyrics and hip styles from Ameazy have been warping the sounds of the city for almost threes now. His music varying from smooth, to-bar-for-bar lyrics, to modern day verses with relevant punchlines.  Ameazy’s hits are professionally mixed and mastered which is probably the reason they sound so catchy but different.

Custom made kicks for the rapper Ameazy. Creation by Breanna Berry bre_yeahthatsme

The rapper Ameazy from the Denver city streets has multi-talented skills when it comes to laying bars over beats.  He’s not like the majority of the hip-hop artist that uses several stage names, he sticks to the title that represents his rap brand. (Ameazy) Being a rapper from Denver is a gift and a curse at the same damn time. On one hand, a distinct music buzz has been put on the city’s up-and-coming talents; making Denver one of Hip Hop’s underrated rap hotbeds. On the other hand, the city lacks major exposure to record labels and AR’s – which is no exception to the rule when it comes to being a signed artist.

Now there is no questioning what he plans to do with his gift or that he can make it happen from Denver. In fact, Denver rap legend and personal friend of Meazy’s, Trev Rich (Trev does a feature on #TRNF2 along with Danae Simone on “Consistency”), signed a music deal with Cash Money records last year, the famous parent company of Lil’ Wayne’s Young Money label.  Could Meazy be the next artist from Denver to shake up the city?

“Nobody can stop you but yourself. Nobody can beat effort.  Effort is something you’re given that you have to have control over.  The more effort you put in, the more people are going to recognize you. If you are going to do it, don’t do it half-assed and expect people to respect you”.  

Review: Over an old skool beat and Meazy styled vocal flows, 56 Bars recounts the struggle the rapper has endured, his pursuit of real rap dreams, and a message to the overall public. His flows demonstrate lyrical accuracy and precise all at once.