Sneak peek: Ball Control with Lavar Ball


The Big Baller and the BAC editor.hake up the game on an episode of Ball Control.

By Arzelle Lewis,
BAC Magazine Editor | Ball Control Exclusive Preview! | Full Video Coming Soon


LaVar Ball is the quintessential representation of American individualism, not the blue collar, sleeves rolled up kind, but the Steve Jobs, Magic Johnson or Martha Stewart kind. The epitome of trailblazing, a maverick. Going against the grain of normal.

While challenging the infrastructure of both professional and collegiate basketball, he also created-or co-opted his own. As his reality-TV series Ball in The Family reaches more than a million viewers on Facebook’s new streaming platform. Not limited to smart TVs. Unprecedented in his accumulation of social capital, unwavering in his autonomy, Ball is more than loud. He is a loudspeaker, broadcasting from the proverbial mountaintop of success.

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