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jennifer moore 1. What are your aspirations as hairstylist? My ultimate goal is to make my clients as happy as possible. I love building relationships with...

The Life of a Female Champion?

Before she was this state’s favorite Olympian, BAC was able to catch up with Colorado’s Basketball Phenom, Lauren Betts: An interview so good, we...

Mikey Williams- Download issue below!

Full Video Episode coming February 3rd, 2020! Click Here to Download our Digital Magazine for the full interview with Mikey Williams! Mi-key to success! Read the Mikey...

Shoeman Episodes


Who Won the battle? Vote

Killshot has over 12 millions on Youtube in 2 hours. Eminem posted the link to the song with the simple hashtag #KILLSHOT. VOTE BELOW   Warning: Some...

The Chris Copeland Story

“Find a way or a make a way.” By Michelle Ancell It’s a phrase Milwaukee Bucks player Chris Copeland has heard from his mom throughout his...