By Arzelle Lewis

Jenae Stutzman is a class act!!  JENAE LITTLETON -page-001

I go to Littleton High School, and next year I will attend Goshen College in Indiana as a biochemistry (pre-med) major with a minor in Spanish


My biggest accomplishment is probably breaking 22 minutes for the 5k. For some people, that may be a modest goal, but I’m still proud of it because that time represents three years of training, and a lot of physical and personal growth. I’m not the most naturally gifted, so fast times don’t come as easily for me, however that is a blessing in disguise because it has taught me the value of hard work in all aspects of my life. I have also run a few half marathons, and those are something that I really enjoy doing because while I may not be naturally fast, I am able to run for a long time and those longer races are something that I can excel at.


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