BY Duvalier Johnson

Since when has a freshman averaged 22 points on varsity? 



When you hear about a redhead who can flat out play the game of basketball, while lighting up the scoreboard as well as packing the house from far and wide to make sure they come see him play, there are going to be two very distinct players that come to mind. One is Blake Griffin, who is a high-flyer, rim rocking power forward out of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma that awed crowds with his impressive dunks. The other is the legend himself: Brian Scalabrine. While Scalabrine doesn’t really need an introduction, his name commends one. Did I mention that he has been listed behind Jordan as the greatest player ever and has no other names behind him?
However, there is a 6-foot-3 redhead freshman that goes to Smoky Hill High School in Aurora, Colorado and like Scalabrine, he can play. His name is Kenny Foster. “It’s funny because on my AAU team my nickname is ‘Baby Scal.’” The red hair really makes you stand out. Said Foster. But standing out is the least of his concerns.
While most freshman are getting used to life post middle school, trying to get good grades, and wondering if they would be good enough as far as furthering their pursuit in sports or finding the right crowds to fit in with, Kenny Foster is on a different path.
He is focused and determined. “I’ve been blessed to be prepared for high school sports and most importantly, academics. I’ve had the right people in my corner to push me and keep me level headed, especially my brothers.” Kenny’s confidence appears to be rooted in his love for gamesmanship. His heightened sense of self-awareness is all due to being the youngest of four brothers, and competition was no stranger in the Foster household.
All of Foster brother’s grew up loving sports. Competing is what inspired him to work hard. Foster’s second-oldest brother, Chase, is a former Valor Christian standout who currently plays for the University of San Francisco. “Chase going to college and playing was really big for me because, with all of the things that he has accomplished, it really pushed me to want to be better and also follow in his footsteps, rather it be on the court or academically.” BAC MAG-FINAL -page-042 (2)
While most freshman choose to go to a specific high school to stay close to the same group of friends, Kenny took a more mature approach, one that will help him succeed in the long run. Smoky Hill was chosen because of the academic challenge it brings. “Smoky was a choice I never really considered until the end of my AAU season my 8th grade year when I learned my coaches were going there; that was definitely a plus, but I gravitated towards was the IB program.”
International Baccalaureate or (IB), is an educational foundation offering four highly respected programs of international education that develop the intellectual, personal, emotional and social skills needed to live, learn and work in a rapidly globalizing world. It is a high quality program that pushes the students in ways that a test is required to enter.
He has a 4.57 unweighted and 3.9 weighted grade point average and in the classroom just as on the court, excels. Those numbers are off the chart and could land him at any school in the country if he keeps that up. It is also probably why schools such as Air Force, Santa Clara, Utah and Denver University have contacted the coaches about watching him play.
On opening night in front of a packed crowd, with the spot light on him and people coming to witness the freshman play, Kenny did as he had all summer long: he gave them a show! Kenny put the team on his back.
In his debut he scored 28 points, grabbed 7 rebounds, recorded 3 steals and also dished 2 assists. Remember, this kid is a freshman! Not many can say that they have the chance to be one of the best scholars as well as basketball players in the state but then again, not everybody is Kenny Foster.
Be on the lookout Colorado, because ‘Baby Scal’ is an emerging redheaded monster!


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