In my Bag with Fatboy SSE and the Editor of BAC Magazine in Los Angeles, CA. 


In my Bag with Fatboy SSE and the Editor of BAC magazine in Los Angeles, CA.

By Arzelle Lewis & Prabhat Gautam | Photos by David Sobel
BAC Magazine Editor | FatboySSE Exclusive Interview!


Internet comedian whose outlandish public antics have made him a popular figure on Instagram. His short videos have earned him a fan base totaling more than 4.1 million on the platform.

I flew out to California to meet Fat Boy during his music tour. We linked up on Fairfax Street as he was on a lifestyle shopping spree for him and his crew. He literally bought an entire wardrobe for himself and the members of his group.

Fatboy is shining the light on people that are struggling but have passion. He gives him the motivation to grind hard and continue the mission at hand. He can show anyone how to Become a Champion. He even came at Hip-hop celebrity Joe Button in a positive way after Joe insulted him simply because his online following lacks the substance and engagement of Fatboy’s. He didn’t realize how ingrained Fatboy was in the culture already. It’s also safe to say that Joe hates giving props where props are due. A lot of these entertainers turned journalist use their popularity to stay as relevant as possible. The word will travel but it doesn’t mean it carries weight. As an Editor that receives plenty of hate from the haters, I can definitely appreciate the way Fatboy handles his beef. It’s true, flyby artist and musicians will say anything to bring down and knock their fellow man in the game. Joe Button thought he could punk Fatboy because he’s a nice guy that always shows love on IG. Don’t let the kindness fool you though. It’s not sweet when you’re from Irvington, New Jersey. Joe never responded to the record…

Fatboy: “ I’m just like you. I’m a cool dude that shows love to everyone. I want to help put you on the same way someone helped put me on in the game. That’s what this is about.” I rode around with Fat Boy and the crew that night. The jokes and comedic punchlines were thrown around all over the place. No one was exempt from the laughter. Needless to say, there wasn’t a dull moment in the car. As a kid, I was always told that there are two golden rules for an orchestra- start together and finish together. The SSE crew notes that nothing matters if it is not about the crew. (Crew Love.)


Me: where do you get your motivation and inspiration?

Fatboy:“I get my inspiration from the love of the people, the love of the world,” he says. “It’s all love out here and making the people smile.”

Me: How do you get into improv and acting?

Fatboy: this comedy thing was really easy for me. I never had to try. It kinda came naturally to me. I just like turning up and having a good time. Feel me?

Me: How do you come up with your acts?

Fatboy: All of them are made up on the spot. It’s fun for me and my crew. We aren’t at a loss for jokes and funnies Stew.

Me: how do you label yourself being that you do music and comedy?

Fatboy: I’m a jack of all trades and my passion is about this hustle life. I am working when most people are sleeping. That’s the difference between me and them.

Me: How is your friendship with Fetty Wap?

Fatboy: That’s my brother and my friend. I respect him and we are on tour together. He’s part of the new wave of music and entertainers. That’s my brother. Feel me? We are all out here supporting one another. That’s how it works in the game.

Me: What can we expect from you in 2018?

Fatboy: look out for more videos on IG and my Netflix movie that’s about to come out. Pretty much just more Fatboy on more platforms.

The ladies love funny fat guys?

The evidence shows that women are more attracted to men who can make them giggle. (Rarely, it does it work the other way around). While not all fat guys aren’t necessarily attractive, our society has socialized most people to believe that they are not until proven otherwise. This leaves overweight men with the option of either working out or working on their craft. I mean, the fat guys wouldn’t want to disappoint the ladies… Right? Fatboy never fails to disappoint his female crowd of supporters. The women love that boy! I saw it firsthand for myself and I’ve never met anyone quite like Fatboy SSE. There’s a big reason that Fatboy SSE is on his to worldwide stardom.

Fatboy has the ability to make a woman consider dating someone that’s not on the same fitness level as herself. His personality gives him an advantage over the men with mountain-size shoulders and bulging biceps. He has that charisma thing working for himself…

It was a very humbling experience hanging out with Fat Boy SSE. I’m sure you will see him starring in movies and reality tv shows this year. Never judge a book by its cover. Always take the time to read through.

Grew up in Irvington, New Jersey.

Fatboy checked rapper Joe Button

His real name is Tyriq Thomas Kimbrough. His brother is comedian Darius DK.
Associated With.  Among his celebrity friends is rapper Meek Mill, Rick Ross, Diddy, Fetty Wap, and more.






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