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When 2 Cultures Collide: A Q&A With The Talented Kickstradomis

 When sports and art come together, it can be pretty amazing. Athletes take an insane amount of pride in their shoes and Kickstadomis has become a huge piece in their collection. A California based artist, Kickstradomis creates custom sneaker designs for some of our favorite players. From James Harden to Shareef O’Neal, the designs and placements are growing.

We caught up with Kicks to find out more about him as an artist, his design process and what’s currently in rotation on his playlist! Check out the Q&A below…

Lizzy Brodie: When did you realize your love for art and design? Were you inspired by anyone or anything growing up?

Kickstradomis: I’ve been an artist since the age of 4. Making my own comic books was the starting point. I was inspired by cartoons in T.V. mostly.

LB: Tell us about the very first pair of custom kicks you made! Who were they for?

Kicks: My very first pair of custom kicks were a pair of custom Chucks I made for myself. Was just messing around testing the waters with that pair. I actually still have them, too.

LB: What is the creative design process like for you?

Kicks: My creative design process is a little different. I don’t draw out my designs or mock-up, I simply have a theme and go with the flow once the shoes are in front of me.

LB: Do you listen to music while you design? If so, who is your go-to?

Kicks: I listen to all kinds of music while I work. A lot of the time it’s R&B to smooth the mood and sometimes I’ll switch it up to hip-hop.

LB: What’s on rotation in your playlist lately?

Kicks: Lately my playlist has consisted of a lot of Post Malone and Migos.

LB: Who are some athletes you’ve made custom kicks for?

Kicks: Man… it’s a huge list but as far as the NBA goes, I can name a few. I got Karl Anthony Towns, James Harden, Damian Lillard, Hassan Whiteside, Kristaps Porzingis, Kelly Oubre Jr., Montrezl Harrell and so much more! Also doing work for my bros Shareef O’Neal and Zion Williamson.

LB: Name 3 athletes, active or retired, you would like to design for?

Kicks: Athletes that I haven’t done but would love to do something for would have to be Kobe Bryant, Kevin Durant, and Steph Curry.

LB: What is your relationship like with Nike and Adidas?

Kicks: My relationship with these brands, well, it’s hard to say. I’ve been in touch with both on different ideas and projects but I can see how some higher-ups may not like the idea of custom shoes.

LB: BAC Magazine owner Arzelle Lewis recently launched the Sweetfeet Show Movement to help put shoes on the feet of youth all over the world, which is incredible! Tell us how you feel about the connection between youth, their kicks and their confidence?

Kicks: Sneakers are not only a part of your day to day life, but they are a huge part of the culture. It’s been this way forever. Your overall attitude and confidence goes along with what you’re putting on your feet. A fresh pair of kicks makes you feel like a million bucks!

LB: “Become A Champion.” What does that mean to you?

Kicks: BECOME A CHAMPION. To me, that means regardless of what you’re in or trying to achieve, long as you work hard and stay strong you can be a champ at whatever you put your mind to!

LB: Is there anything you’d like to leave our readers with or any shoutouts?

Kicks: I definitely want to leave a shoutout to my family my girl Kristie, and to my close friends throughout the NBA that have helped me grow and flourish throughout the last year. Also, my brother Jon Wheeler who has been a great friend to me through this time. And for all the young artists, keep grinding, don’t let negativity or haters hold you back! Stay hungry!


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