SWEET SCIENCE LOGO Arzelle lewis does a great job teaching fundamentally sound basketball techniques to the youth in the Denver area.   Here is a list of the different skills that will be demonstrated and taught at the Sweet Science Basketball Class: Proper ball-handling skills, defensive positioning techniques, creating an angle to make a pass, and shot form!

Get Started Right Away

It’s important for young players to learn the proper fundamentals of basketball and avoid developing bad habits.

A Player that looks good is hard to create! Reps!!!

Practice makes perfect!

Q: Is spending time on the development of your game important to you?

A: Instant gratification is killing our youth in reference to becoming “GOOD” players on & off the court.  My clinics are not about winning but more about development.  Everyone gets the chance to become a better player!!

Q: What can I expect to get out of this basketball class?

A: Every kid that attends my camps & clinics leaves with a better comprehension of basketball in reference to production and reading & reacting the game.

*Each class will be capped at 20 campers to ensure proper instruction for all students.

Sessions: FRIDAY 5-6:00PM, SATURDAY   12PM, SUNDAY’S 2PM. $35.00 per session

Call or email Arzelle @ 303-990-7372 or media@bacmagazine.com


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