Stephen Jackson on IG live rolled a perfect Backwood



Stephen Jackson Reacts To Tristan Thompson & Draymond Green, Says Tony Parker IS SELFISH & More!

Video Timeline: 

First 5 minutes: Jackson talks about not being ashamed of smoking marijuana since the age of 12.  It probably relaxes him and helps him coop with the harsh realities he’s faced in life. He also mentions his regrets and the reasons he wasn’t an NBA Allstar consistently.

Minute 6-10: He talks about the 2003 Championship with the San Antonio Spurs, big partying, and still having his jersey on the next day. He speaks on doing dumb sh__ and hustling backward.

“It’s easy to love but it takes a lot of effort to hate.” 

Minute 10-15: He checked a fan about a question he asked and told him, “ask Sean Elliot- I don’t do no hating at all.”  Stephen also admits to being an asshole via him dragging ass on delivery verses for the new Bun-B album.

Minute 19:15: Stephen goes in on Tony Parker being a selfish person and teammate.  Watch the video below. You can see Tony drive- get stuck in traffic and then use Stephen Jackson as a last-second option when he actually wide open two seconds before that.

Minute 20-25: Smoking weed as a professional athlete: