Colorado Success Stories-Brian Carey & Nick Shumpert



A Winning Attitude

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“Two point guards represent the best of the 7th grade in Colorado. They’re linked because of their talents but also because of their family backgrounds. Both have incredible sports families and both are great kids.”

Brian Carey


has a real aggressive style of play even though he’s usually one of the shortest kids on the court. He’s a fighter and a scrapper and he let’s you know it on the court or in an interview. There is no mistake about the passion he has for the sport and winning. He’d be the Chris Paul-type.

“I’m willing to work hard and do whatever it takes to win,” he says. “I like being the leader on the court because the ball is in my hands and the game is on my shoulders. I want to be able to carry my team through those tough moments.”

Spoken like a true guard.

nick shumpertNick Shumpert, who plays for the 7th grade Next Level team, has a lot of skill too but he’s more likely to let his play on the court tell you what type of player he is rather than an interview. Winning means just as much to him. Nick’s calm and collected which is exactly why he’d be the Chauncey Billups-type.

“My favorite part of basketball is the winning,” he says.

Carey comes from a huge basketball family. His uncle, Rudy Carey, is a coaching legend at Denver East High School with over 600 victories. Brian’s dad, Rick (Rudy’s brother), has been a coach as well for years and currently is the JV coach at Montbello. Both of those men were point guards when they played so it’s easy to see where Brian gets his play-making ability and knowledge of the game from. Those are reasons why Brian plays on the 8th grade Champs in addition to the 7th grade Taylor made team.

BLACK AND WHITE COVER -page-001Nick Shumpert will be eligible for the 2016 MLB draft this year!  





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